After nearly ten years, in August of 2008, I resigned as pastor of First Baptist Church, Blue Ridge, TX due to a chronic nerve condition referred to as postherpetic neuralgia, or PHN. PHN, a complication of shingles that manifests itself in chronic nerve pain.

In June 2007, I was diagnosed with shingles on my head, ear, face, and neck. Two months later, the severe pain remained and I was put in the hospital for a week. The pain from PHN affected my ability to interact in meetings with groups of people (e.g.: deacons and budget meetings, etc.) and to speak or preach with spontaneity. My left ear became extremely sensitive to noise at certain levels and also created some instability in my walk. The severity of the pain is currently kept in check with nerve and pain medications. I have also undergone laser neuropathy treatments.

Because of PHN, I remained somewhat secluded for a year. During this time, my basic ministry was through writing word-study devotionals, book writing, and editing books for others. This allows me to assist my wife in supporting our budget needs. If you sense in your heart that I might be of use to help others, then contact me and let's talk.
After a year of unemployment, I formed a new evangelism/revival ministry called, His Abounding Grace Ministries, Inc. (2 Cor. 9:8) I feel I can now go out and share my testimony with other churches or groups without any physical interruptions of pain. Many pastors have allowed me to come and preach for them and they can testify to my ability and my messages. You will find some of their names in my brochure. Although I have been privileged to have baptized about 850 people, since 1975, my heart's passion and burden is to encourage the church to be all she can be for the glory of God, and to get her back to doing the MAIN THING: witnessing and leading people to Jesus, baptizing them, and discipling all followers of Jesus unto spiritual maturity.

Kidney cancer came in 2018. By God's grace, it was caught early and removed. Several of my doctors said I was a lucky man because the cancer was detected in stage 1. I know nothing about luck; I know it was a God thing for me to be healed of cancer--no radiation, no chemotherapy, and not even pain meds for this cancer removal.  I pray you will give me an opportunity to be used of God on your behalf and on behalf of Kingdom growth. Check out my books, and thanks for reading this page. Please contact me for possible revival services or the one-service message on victory over chronic pain. 
In His Abounding Grace, yours,
Johnnie R. Jones