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A nonprofit ministry of Johnnie R. Jones. From local ministries to international distribution of Bibles and inspirational books. Writing and publishing inspirational books. Assisting people and ministries through His Abounding Grace. Preaching and teaching at Chestnut Community Church, 309 N. Chestnut Street, McKinney, TX 75069 www.chestnut.church 

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Transforming the Bible into a Novel Genre

Bringing new life to the reading of the Bible. For years, I have studied the chronology of biblical events and teachings to bring forth a more "dramatic" dialogue and presentation of God's inspired Word. With six volumes completed, I continue to trek through the Bible stories and teachings with a goal to finish the entire Bible in the novel genre. What makes my novels different is that I maintain a strict alignment with the actual story line as it exists in a current chronological Bible. What I do is add more dialogue and a few extra characters (some fictional, some briefly mentioned) to make the story line flow smoothly.

If my project interests you, I would be honored to mail you a sample copy for your reading pleasure or evaluation. My plans are to publish these as paperbacks, eBooks, and an audible version, as funds allow. You may text me at 214.544.5920 or message me online: jj@HisAboundingGrace.org, for a free paperback copy. His Abounding Grace is a non-profit ministry. Blessings, Johnnie

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HAGM recognized 2018 - 20 Best of McKinney, TX

Conquering the Promised Land

(A novel covering  the books of Joshua, Judges, & Ruth)

"The pages of Johnnie's novels have captured the humanity of Bible characters and the power of God working in their midst."

- Dr. Jimmy Draper