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His Abounding Grace Ministries, Inc.
A local, national, and international ministry of Johnnie R. Jones. From local ministries to international distribution of Bibles and inspirational books. Writing, editing, designing, and publishing inspirational books.

Transforming the Bible into a Novel Genre

Bringing new life to the reading of the Bible. For years, I have studied the chronology of biblical events and teachings to bring forth a more "dramatic" dialogue and presentation of God's inspired Word. With six volumes completed, I continue to trek through the Bible stories and teachings with a goal to finish the entire Bible in the novel genre. What makes my novels different is that I try my best to maintain a strict alignment with the actual story line as it exists in a current chronological Bible. What I do is add more dialogue and a few extra characters (some fictional, some briefly mentioned) to make the story line flow smoothly.
If my project interests you, I would be honored to mail you a sample copy for your reading pleasure or evaluation. My plans are to publish these as paperbacks, eBooks, and an audible version. Please call or text me at 214.544.5920 or online:, for a free paperback copy.

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2018 - 20 Best of McKinney, TX

Conquering the Promised Land
(Joshua, Judges, & Ruth)
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"The pages of Johnnie's novels have captured the humanity of Bible characters and the power of God working in their midst."
- Dr. Jimmy Draper